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Our Signature® Trade Show Displays

Only $1,995!

custom-printed graphics panels
(and proof) included!

Signature Trade Show Display
Signature® trade show display


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"Just a note to thank Pinnacle Displays for the outstanding service you provided in the quick production turn-around and delivery of our Signature portable three-panel trade show display system. It truly is everything your web site claims. We are very pleased with the quality and construction of the system, as well as the ease with which it can be put together and taken down. We recently traveled by air to a trade show in Colorado and had absolutely no problems checking it through standard baggage. It's a great system for anyone who desires maximum marketing impact with minimal installation requirements. We look forward to the next opportunity we'll have to work with Pinnacle Displays."
 - Lori Genna, Mantel Teter Architects  [read more customer testimonials, reviews, and comments ]

   Custom Graphics
   Modular Design
   Easy Set-Up AND Easy Packing
   Rugged Durability / Lifetime Warranty

   Graphic Panels
   Shipping Case
   Case-to-Podium Cover

Other Frequently Asked Questions...

How to design your Signature display's
graphic panels (template & instructions)

How long will it take to proof & then produce my display? (below)


CUSTOM GRAPHICS - Our Signature® trade show graphics display booth includes full-size, full color graphic exhibit panels printed from your computer design, that will help insure you make a polished and professional first impression on your prospective clients.  Our graphic panels are extra-wide (25% wider than most pop-up display booth panels).  Updating your display is as simple as changing your computer file and having a new panel printed.  In today's competitive trade show exhibit booth environment, you should never settle for anything less than full-size trade show graphics in your trade show exhibit booth.

MODULAR DESIGN - Due to it's modular design and it's unique snap-on connecting-hinges, our Signature® 3-Panel Trade Show Display can be set up as a curved or straight wall (ideal for the standard 10' by 10' tradeshow booth), or as a triangular tower/kiosk, or as three individual single-unit displays (the display comes with one set of end feet - to use all three units individually requires the purchase of two additional sets of feet).  Multiple units can also be connected to make wider displays, or other shapes.  Two 3-panel displays can be used to create a six sided center island in a 20' by 20' booth, or to create a six panel long (18 foot long) back wall in a 20' by 10' booth.

Signature 3-panel display
3 Panel Display

Signature single unit display
Single Panel

walking with Signature shipping casePORTABILITY - Our Signature® trade show display is one of the most portable full-size displays on the market, and is half the weight of a typical pop-up style display booth.  The entire 3-panel display packs in single rugged, compact, rotationally-molded case with wheels, and weights only 41 pounds (45 pounds with optional lights and podium cover).  Our Signature trade show graphics booth display has a packed weight of about HALF the weight of most comparable displays.  The shipping case can be checked as airline baggage or shipped by UPS or FedEx.

EASY SET-UP AND EASY PACKING - Our Signature® trade show display sets up quickly, easily, and without any tools.  One person can set up the display in less than 15 minutes.  Because of the quick, easy, tool-less set up, you will not have to hire expensive union labor at the convention exhibit hall to set up your display.  Repacking your display is just as easy.  The three graphic panels roll up and slide into the outside of the case, and the frame then disassembles and goes into the inside of the case.  Compare this to the typical fabric panel popup display booth design that can require multiple attempts to fit everything back into the case.

RUGGED DURABILITY / LIFETIME FRAME WARRANTY - Our Signature® trade show graphic booth display utilizes a rugged, patented frame design to insure years of trouble-free service, and is backed by a Life-Time Warranty.


FRAME - Our Signature® trade show display frame is made of aircraft-grade lightweight high-strength matte-black anodized aluminum with six spring-loaded snap-together fittings.  Multiple frames connect together with rugged one-piece snap-on connector hinges, allowing frames to be used in multiple configurations.  Extra wide 20 inch long black powder-coated aluminum feet attach to the bottom of the frames for ample stability.  The display frame is easily and quickly set-up and taken down by one person with no tools, and is covered by a Life-Time Warranty.

GRAPHIC PANELS - Our Signature® trade show display's graphics panels are printed with a 600 dpi full-color CMYK printer and then laminated to encapsulate and protect the printing.   The front of the panel has a 10 mil thick matte-finish LEXAN polycarbonate over-laminate.  The Lexan over-laminate is extremely durable, and the matte finish surface reduces and eliminates distracting glare and hides finger prints.  The back of the panel has a opaque white backing.  The panels are flexible enough to roll up and pack in the case, yet rigid enough to lay flat when unrolled and attached to our display frames.  Panels are 34.5" wide (25% wider than most popup display panels) and 85.5" tall.  Your proof and your panels are printed from your computer design.

SHIPPING CASE - Our Signature® trade show display's shipping case is one of its best features.  The case is manufactured using the rotational molding process, which produces the strongest plastic case possible.  The case uses rugged, high-end hardware (spring-loaded handles, and heavy-duty lid hinges and latches), and has wheels.  The case has an attractive grey granite-like finish, and can double as a podium   The case can be checked as airline baggage or shipped by UPS or FedEx.

CASE-to-PODIUM COVER - This black fitted cover slips over our Signature® trade show display's shipping case to convert it into a fully functional podium / counter that is approximately 16" by 11" and 42" tall.  The podium cover is made out of wrinkle-resistant black polyester, and stores in the case.  It literally takes only a few seconds to slip it on or off.
  Converting your shipping case into a podium has the additional advantage of allowing you to store your case at your exhibiting booth space, rather than being required to store it somewhere in the back of the convention hall, and then waiting for it to be brought back after the show is over so that you can pack up your display.

 Signature trade show display shipping case
shipping case

 Signature shipping case podium cover
podium cover


Producing a Signature trade show booth display is a multi-step process.  It involves receiving your print-ready design, printing a 1/4-scale color proof, shipping you your proof, receiving your proof approval, producing your display, and shipping your display.  Listed below are our STANDARD production times and our optional RUSH production times.  Please note - Improperly prepared customer design files, any design change requests, and/or delayed proof approval will delay display production.

STANDARD Signature® Display Production:

1) Proof printing: 2 business days (assuming properly prepared print-ready customer design files).
2) Proof shipping: FREE 2nd Day proof shipping (2 days in transit).
3) Proof approval: timing determined by the customer, any design changes add time.
4) Display production: 7 business days (starting AFTER customer proof approval).
5) Display shipping: FREE ground shipping (1 to 5 days in transit).  Priority Overnight or 2nd Day Air shipping is additional.
  Overall time required is 2-3 weeks PLUS display shipping, assuming a print-ready customer design and that the printed proof is approved within 1 day of receipt with no changes.  We always recommend submitting your design and order earlier to allow extra time.

RUSH Signature® Display Production Options and Additional Charges:

1) RUSH proof printing & shipping ($50): 1 business day for proof printing (assuming print-ready customer design files), proof is then shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight (included).
2) Proof approval: timing determined by the customer, any design changes add time.
3) RUSH display production ($300): 3 business days (starting AFTER customer proof approval).
4) Display shipping: FREE ground shipping (1 to 5 days in transit).  Priority Overnight or 2nd Day Air shipping is (additional).
  Overall time require with both RUSH proof printing & shipping and RUSH display production is 5 business days PLUS display shipping, assuming a print-ready customer design and that the printed proof is approved THE SAME DAY IT IS RECEIVED with no changes.  Total proof and display RUSH charge is $350.  Expedited display shipping is additional.


Signature 3-panel trade show display booth $1.995

Our Signature® 3-panel Trade Show Display ........ $1,995
Price includes 3 full-size custom graphic panels (printed from your design), triple-frame with 1 set of end feet, and case with wheels.

 SPECIAL - FREE printed proof with free 2 day proof delivery.

 Optional halogen lights additional ($299 for set of 3, see below).
 Optional case-to-podium fitted cover additional ($75, see below).

ADDITIONAL Signature® Display GRAPHICS PANELS (printed from your design):
   Our Signature® display comes with a complete set of 3 custom printed graphic panels.  ADDITIONAL graphics panels can be ordered with the display or at a later date.  Additional panels ordered with the display are $325 each.  Additional panels ordered later are $325 each for 2 or more, or $375 for just one panel.
  SPECIAL - Panel pricing includes a FREE printed proof with free 2 day proof delivery and free ground shipping for the panels.
   Signature® display panel price is for graphic panel only and does not include display frame.  Proofing and production time required for panel production are the same as the display production time listed above.  RUSH service is available for an additional charge (see our on-line store for pricing and to order).

PROOF PRINTING FEE (if applicable)....... $35 plus proof shipping
Prior to producing your full-size custom graphic panels, we print and send you a 1/4 scale color proof of your panel design for your review and final approval.

halogen tradeshow exhibit light for Signature display

Signature Display HALOGEN LIGHTS

Add crisp quartz halogen accent lighting to your exhibit.
Lights attach easily to top of display.

SINGLE LIGHT............ $99
Light fixture, 12-volt transformer with 12-foot cord, and MR16 quartz halogen bulb.

............ $299
3 lights, plus a spare bulb.

Replacement bulbs
(glass-covered, 50W/12V FNV MR16)... $8 ea

CASE-to-PODIUM COVER ........... $75
Fitted black cloth cover slips over the Signature display shipping case in seconds and turns it into a useful podium.  Also allows you to store your now hidden case in your booth instead of sending it to storage and the waiting for it to come back after the show.
Fitted cover is wrinkle-resistant black polyester, and stores in case.
Podium dimensions are ~ 16" x 11" x 42".

Our Signature® display and panel pricing is based on the customer providing a "print-ready" graphic design file for printing.  We are not currently offering graphics design services.  We may be able to provide limited design assistance, and may make minor alterations and corrections to customer design files after proof printing if requested by a customer.  Charges may apply.


Stand Out From The Trade Show Crowd!

Signature trade show booth
Signature Trade Show Booths

It's critical for your trade show marketing success to make sure your trade show graphics and your trade show booth stands out from all the other trade show booths. Full-size custom tradeshow graphics are the key to achieving this goal. Our Signature tradeshow graphic booth display features full-size, full-color, attention-grabbing display graphic panels printed straight from your creative design. Make sure you get noticed... make sure you get a Signature trade show display for your next trade show, convention, or other marketing event.

Redefining portable trade show displays and trade show booths.

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