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What is a "portable" display?

Many trade show display systems claim to be "portable", but just how portable they are varies greatly.  Most companies won't give you the details, we will.  The degree of portability matters.  It isn't just how much your exhibit initially costs that matters, it's also how much it costs to get it to and from your show.

(Size Matters, Smaller is Better)


actual packed

outside case

dimensional weight

Our Signature® display booth

45 pounds

15.75" x 10.5" x 42.5"

40 pounds

the typical
pop-up display booth

85 pounds

28" x 17" x 39"

96 pounds

SHIPPING VIA GROUND (slow):  When shipping via UPS Ground, you will be charged by actual weight.  To ship our display from LA to New York via UPS Ground (4 business days in transit) would cost $56.  Shipping the typical popup would cost $97.

SHIPPING VIA AIR (fast):  When shipping via AIR (such as FedEx or UPS Overnight or 2nd Day), you will be charged by the higher of the actual or the "dimensional" weight.  To ship our display from LA to New York via UPS Next Day AIR would cost $248.  Shipping the typical popup booth would cost $524.

CHECKING AS AIRLINE BAGGAGE:  In the past, most airlines allowed you to check two articles at no charge, but would often charge extra fees for (1) overweight baggage and/or (2) oversize baggage.  Given the recent changes in airline policies and fees, we recommend you check with your specific airline in advance on their baggage fees and how they are assessed.

Finally, if the above savings don't impress you, think about your back.  Which display would you rather haul around and get in and out of a rental car's trunk?

1.   To calculate dimensional weight multiple the length x width x height and divide by 194 for domestic shipments or by 166 for international shipments.
2.  The above shipping quotes are estimates based on RETAIL 2010 UPS rates. UPS and FedEX may charge an additional $5 handling fee for packages that are not enclosed in a cardboard box.


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