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Buyers Guide

Our Signature® trade show booth display
the typical pop-up trade show booth display


Our Signature 3-Panel Display

a typical 10ft pop-up display

Portabilty  [see also What is "portable" display booth? ]

packs in a single case, weighs 45 lbs with lights and case-to-podium cover

packs in 1 or 2 cases,
weighs 85 lbs and up

Shipping Case Measurements and Dimensional Weight

15.75" x 10.5" x 42.5"
[dimensional weight 40 lb]

28" x 17" x 39"
[dimensional weight 96 lb]

Cost to ship via UPS Ground (one way from Los Angeles to New York, 4 days transit)
(based on RETAIL 2010 UPS rates)



Cost to ship via UPS NEXT DAY AIR (one way from Los Angeles to New York)
(based on RETAIL 2010 UPS rates)




Can be used as a curved wall exhibit, a straight wall booth, a triangular display tower, or 3 individual stand-alone displays.  Additional units can be added for more configurations.

curved wall booth only

Custom-Printed Graphic Panels


not standard

Information needed to create your panel design

complete design instructions and downloadable templates available on our website 24/7


Graphic Panel Width

34.5" wide

26-27" wide (25% less)

Cost of a single Graphic Panel

$325 ea

typically $400 and up

Cost of a full set of Graphic Panels

$975 (3 needed)

$1,600 (4 needed)

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